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Dedicated servers

Our Managed Private Servers are the perfect solution for companies with high-traffic, resource-intensive Internet sites. The MPS is a dedicated hosting solution comprised of hardware, software, and managed services. By outsourcing your hosting requirements to us, you eliminate costly expenditures for administration teams, security, hardware equipment, bandwidth, data backups, and connectivity. Most important, you'll have the freedom to concentrate on the success of your business rather than worry about disk drives, routers, and switches.

Product features

Enjoy root access, multiple shell accounts (on MPS 1000 and MPS 2000), multiple domain hosting, enhanced security and the ability to install your own applications.

Feature MPS Basic MPS 1000 MPS 2000 MPS Solaris
Operating System FreeBSD Unix OS FreeBSD Unix OS FreeBSD Unix OS Solaris Unix OS
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 512 MB
Hard Drive 100 GB RAID 200 GB RAID 300 GB RAID 18 GB
Data Transfer 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB 200 GB
Backup Triple data backup Triple data backup Triple data backup Triple data backup

MPS Managed Private Servers have all the advantages of our Virtual Private Server products with the power and flexibility of a dedicated server, including:

  • Free software add-ons
  • Real time backups and automated data restores
  • Rredundant backup power
  • Verio Data Backup Services
  • 24/7/365 server monitoring, including operations, administration and maintenance
  • Available in San Jose, California USA; Sterling, Virginia USA; and Tokyo, Japan

System Administration: System administration services include server system configuration, software installation and configuration, operating system troubleshooting and updates, security patches, and more.

Data backups: Our backup system includes RAID 1 disk-to-disk mirrors, hard disk backups, and tape backups. The hard disk backup files are available to you whenever you need to access them..

Power Backup Services: Your MPS will have all the power backups--including automated battery backups and our redundant emergency power supplies--provided in our premier data centers.

Security: Each MPS resides in a protected Verio Data Center. Potentially insecure programs are disabled or removed, and our hacking alert system immediately notifies system administrators.


Managed Private Servers are available in several base configurations that you can customize to meet your specific requirements.

Managed Private Server Setup Monthly
MPS Basic $295 $325
MPS 1000 $295 $585
MPS 2000 $295 $875
MPS Solaris $295 $1175
Additional bandwidth -- $25 per 20 GB

1 Custom domain requires a domain registered with us or an ICANN certified registrar of your choice. Learn more about domain registration.

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