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Signature Hosting

Signature Hosting is a rock-solid Internet hosting service loaded with great features. In addition to your web server, you get email service for your domain, including unlimited email forwarding addresses and autoresponders, and a web-based control panel for managing account features and reading your email.

In addition to rich feature choices and easy modification, Signature Hosting allows you to manage your account through your own web-based control panel. The control panel enables you to upload and modify content, change features, add/delete e-mail forwarding aliases and autoresponders, and more.

Try our Signature Hosting control panel demo

Signature Hosting also includes web-based email—so you can enjoy secure access to your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet. Signature Hosting web-based email has a robust, easy-to-use interface, and a variety of options to filter incoming messages, use autoresponders and create multiple aliases.

Signature Hosting delivers a level of security and customer privacy similar to a virtual private server. This gives Signature Hosting many security advantages typically provided with more expensive private servers, and usually not offered with shared hosting. In addition to security, Signature Hosting offers high performance and flexibility. Like all of our servers, Signature Hosting servers are housed in state-of-the-art data centers and are supported by Verio's global Tier-1 network.

Product features

  • From 1 to 20 GB of disk space (selected from several plan levels)
  • From 25 to 500 GB of monthly data transfer
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Triple data backup
  • Access to raw log files
  • Unix FreeBSD 6.x Operating System
  • SSL Secure Server Support
  • SPAM filtering and DNS Blacklisting
  • Virus Scanning on all email accounts
  • 24x7 datacenter monitoring and server management ensures site stability


When you host with Studio 32, you pay one low price each month for your services. Just choose the plan that's right for you, or let us help you with a free resource planning consultation.

Signature Hosting Setup Monthly
Signature Hosting 1000
10 GB disk, 200 POP/IMAP mailboxes2, 400 GB monthly transfer
$15 $25
Signature Hosting 2000
20 GB disk, 400 POP/IMAP mailboxes1, 500 GB monthly transfer
$15 $35
Upgrades Setup Monthly
Additional Disk Space -- $5/25MB
Additional monthly transfer -- $5/GB
Additional POP/IMAP mailboxes/users2 -- $5
1 POP/IMAP mail stored on server counts against total disk storage allowance.
2 Maximum of 20 additional POP/IMAP users per plan.

Signature Hosting includes a studio32.com domain such as yourname.studio32.com. You can also register a custom domain such as yourname.com with us or an ICANN certified registrar of your choice, or transfer a previously-registered domain free with a minimum one-year renewal. Learn more about domain registration.

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contact services at our contact! information page, or feel free to contact our sales staff at sales@studio32.com for assistance. Please be sure you are familiar with our service policies before placing your order.

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If you have specific questions, please don't hesitate to contact our sales staff.

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