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VPS 1000

The Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a breakthrough Web hosting platform that looks and performs much like a dedicated server, with a price tag comparable to many shared server solutions. The flagship product in our Virtual Private Server family, VPS 1000 offers dedicated-server features like Telnet/SSH login, unlimited email and FTP service, and full control of your web server configuration.

Product features

Server platform
  • 40 GB disk space
  • No bandwidth charges
  • Root access
  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Full shell access (SSH or Telnet)
  • SSL (includes a shared SSL certificate)
  • Multiple users (with shell, web, ftp and/or email privileges)
  • Web-based control panel with web mail
  • Urchin web anlytics
  • Private Apache Web server, plus Apache modules
  • Full CGI capability
  • Complete access to server logs
  • Triple data backup
  • Comprehensive Administrative Handbook

Web server

  • Apache 2.2 Web Server
  • Dynamic module support
  • Full cgi-bin for your own scripts
  • Full access to server access and error log files
  • Full access to server configuration files (httpd.conf)
  • Multiple domain hosting with virtual subhosts
  • Counters, guestlists, and other pre-configured CGIs
  • Urchin, Analog, http-analyze, and other site traffic statistical applications


  • Unlimited POP/IMAP accounts
  • Unlimited e-mail aliases and autoresponders
  • iManager web-based e-mail application for all POP and IMAP users
  • Majordomo, PGP, Procmail, and other e-mail utilities


  • iManager server administration utility
  • MySQL, mSQL, and PostgreSQL database servers
  • SSL and other e-commerce applications and services
  • RealSystem Server and other multimedia applications
  • Microsoft Frontpage Server Extensions
  • Many, many more..


When you host with us, you pay one low price each month. We don't tack on surcharges for bandwidth usage and additional e-mail accounts, so you won't need to worry about any surprise charges at the end of the month.

VPS 1000 Setup Monthly
VPS 1000 $50 $149.95
Additional disk space, per 25 megabytes -- $7.50

VPS 1000 hosting includes a studio32.com domain such as yourname.studio32.com. You can also register a custom domain such as yourname.com with us or an ICANN certified registrar of your choice, or transfer a previously-registered domain free with a minimum one-year renewal. Learn more about domain registration.

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